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In today's world of technology, people can file for bankruptcy online. The court has a federal database called PACER that can be accessed online by paying a fee.

Many attorneys file cases online. Also, using the increase in usage some courts actually permit attorneys to file cases with respect to their customers through online electronic access only, but pro se debtors are usually not allowable to file for via the PACER system.

There are many attorneys and services online. Most attorneys are eager to find ways to help debtors via email, but clients need to remember that they still to sign some documents at some stage in time. Attorneys do not would rather offer document preparation services for debtors with online filing options because these place the attorney in an awkward predicament. He or she then becomes liable to the court as though representing the customer through the entire process. Most attorneys would rather meet each client in person, verify their identity, and create a personal level of comfort and assurance with each new client.

Attorneys may be held responsible through the court if they are in prison for negligence and documenting misrepresentations. Because of this, few attorneys are enthusiastic to risk personal liability for anyone who is reluctant to promote themselves personally.

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Attorneys will request a legitimate photo i.d. and permission to perform a background check. When the debtor sets up an attorney/client relationship and signs the documents, few debtors are obligatory to be present in court until the meeting from the creditors (11 U.S.C. Sec. 341) in ordinary cases.

There are many services accessible online that may simplify the procedure of filling bankruptcy with no attorney. These bankruptcy sites will guide debtors with the process and enable them to organize all of the forms online and then print them out to file using the bankruptcy court. There's also paralegal sites that may allow debtors to file their petition online.

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