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Any person taking up body building will likely be looking into the potential for bodybuilding supplements as an aid to bulking up muscle and assisting in the process of advancing when it concerns sculpting and toning the body. There are several available classes of bodybuilding supplement available, including most notably those which provide protein for muscle-building, and those which add or influence hormones which, in their turn, support the physiological process of muscle-building. Of course, in order to be effective, your body building supplements themselves should accompany a program of lifting weights and body building exercises.

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Protein-based bodybuilding supplements function by providing a large dose of the biggest physiological building-block needed for creating more muscle tissue--the units of protein themselves. Protein molecules comprise strings of proteins, from which some body building supplements (for example Creatine) place their names. Muscle tissue are made up, in their turn, primarily of proteins. The entire process of lifting weights puts those muscle fibers to use, developing a strain on them, to which the body responds with the addition of additional muscle fibers and gradually bulking up the muscle--provided the body has those muscle-building proteins ready at hand for creating those additional muscle fibers. Whey protein powders in various forms comprise a large section of the market of bodybuilding supplements, and the body builder most often adds the protein into their diet by means of milkshakes or smoothies blended up with a heaping scoop from the protein powder. Every outlet selling bodybuilding supplements will offer a variety of protein powder options, in the form of ready-made drinks, powder to increase smoothies or other recipes, or as fast-absorbing tablets that can be taken just before and after a good work out.

The other common category of bodybuilding supplement is those which affect the body's hormonal levels. The performance-enhancing steroids which are illegal in competitive sporting venues fall into this category, but there are many forms of legal and allowable bodybuilding supplements that also fit this description. Numerous herbal ingredients, which is found in many herbal nutritional supplements for body builders, actually raise the body's own manufacture of testosterone. Herbs like saw palmetto extract, tribulusterrestris, fenugreek seed, wild yam, ginseng, yohimbe, the aptly named horny goat weed are among the many that act on our bodies to increase your body's own testosterone production. This, in turn, has the effect of boosting the body's ability to build and sustain muscle tissue. Herbal supplements which affect hormonal levels should be approached with a few caution, designed for young body builders or any with pre-existing health problems. A physician's guidance could be invaluable for the body builder looking to make the right choices about bodybuilding supplements to enhance and improve the body builder's capabilities.

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